Tractor Trailer Accident - Jacksonville, FL

$2,000,00.00 Settlement

Tractor trailer accidents happen for many reasons. Whether the cause of an accident with a large truck seems obvious or it is difficult to figure out, an investigation is almost always necessary. At the law firm of Forrest B. Johnson & Associates, our tractor trailer accident lawyers have the know-how and staff to handle whatever investigation your tractor trailer accident case requires.

Why is investigation important in a personal injury or wrongful death case involving a large commercial truck?
Most trucking companies and their insurance companies have accident investigation teams that go out to the scene immediately, sometimes within minutes or hours of an accident. Their job is to locate and secure evidence that supports the truck driver’s version of how the accident happened. However, the truck driver’s story may differ in many respects from your independent recollection of the accident. To protect your rights, you need an investigator who will look for and document evidence that is favorable to your case.
We Bring In the Experts
Sometimes major commercial truck accidents require additional investigation and special expertise.  Your tractor trailer accident attorney from Forrest B. Johnson & Associates may turn to experts outside the law firm to assist in the investigation of your case and its preparation for trial.  A trucking industry expert may review vehicle maintenance records or a truck driver’s personnel file to determine if the truck driver or his employer failed to comply with federal motor carrier safety regulations.  A mechanical or safety engineer may examine the truck or tractor trailer involved in your accident to determine whether a mechanical failure is responsible for the accident. After considering vehicle damage, skid, scuff, gouge, and yaw marks as well as other information, an accident reconstructionist may work out how and why your accident happened.
Our tractor trailer accident attorneys are dedicated to thorough case preparation.  We work with investigators and experts every day to gather the essential facts that will support a successful outcome in our clients’ cases.