Construction Site Accident - Atlanta

$5,000,000.00 Settlement

Construction work is dangerous work. Workers are constantly dealing with heavy equipment and hazardous substances, while placing themselves in potentially dangerous situations in order to construct new buildings, high rise complexes, major industrial developments, highway construction, or any other type of construction project. The Bureau of Labor studies have shown that due to the dangerous nature of construction work, many thousands of construction workers are killed on the job site every year, while tens of thousands of others sustain serious personal injuries. Major construction jobs are very common in and around greater Boston.
At the Greater Boston Law Firm of Forrest B. Johnson & Associates, we have been representing injured victims of construction site accidents for over four decades. Our MA construction accident lawyers have years of experience in representing individuals that have been seriously injured on the construction job site. Our experienced construction site accident lawyers can help you with your Workers' Compensation Claim and will ensure that you are compensated for your lost wages and medical bills. In addition, our MA Work Injury Attorneys will make sure that you receive the financial recovery that you are entitled to. Finally, should your injury be caused by a defective product or the negligence of a third party, our attorneys will seek all available avenues to ensure that you and your family receives all of the benefits that you are entitled to.
We handle all types of Georgia job site accidents including:
Crane accidents
Elevator Accidents
Scaffolding accidents
Workplace hazards
Excavation accidents
Electrical shocks
Welding accidents
Fire related accidents
Motor vehicle accidents
Hazardous substances exposure
On-site explosions
Accidents involving falling or swinging objects
Accidents involving defective construction tools
Slip and fall accidents
Wrongful death
Dust and Fumes
Heavy Equipment Failure
Roofing Accidents
Construction Site Blasting
Construction Site Burns
Wall Collapse
Ceiling Tile Failure and Wall Tile Failure
Amputation Accidents
Eye Injuries From Flying Debris
Nail Gun Accidents
Run Over By Equipment
Unguarded Platforms
Inadequate Training on Machinery
Construction Accident Injuries 
Many injured construction workers are no longer able to work because of their permanently debilitating injuries. Recovery costs, long-term care, and loss of financial support can take a toll on the injured worker and his or her family. Our Forrest B. Johnson & Associates construction accident attorneys will thoroughly investigate your case and explore all avenues of financial recovery. We will work with the industry's top construction accident experts to determine whether any other parties aside from your employer can be held liable for your injury accident.
Forrest B. Johnson & Associates is familiar with the safety regulations mandated by the state and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We can find out whether these rules were violated and by whom. Construction site accident accidents by their nature can be catastrophic and can result in very serious injuries, such as:
Spinal cord injuries
Traumatic brain injuries
Massive internal injuries
Severed limbs
Our experienced construction site injury lawyers have been fighting for the injured workers for over 40 years. Our experience, resources, results and commitment to our clients has been the hallmark of our personal injury practice.