Premises liability involves the responsibility of property owners to maintain safe conditions for people coming on or about the property. Until a recent favorable decision of the Georgia Supreme Court, this was one of the most difficult types of cases to get past a defense motion for summary judgment. Now, however, whiile still difficult, more such cases are reaching juries, and the most meritorious of such cases are resulting in significant verdicts.
Consider consulting Forrest B. Johnson & Associates. A lawyer can help you get the compensation you are entitled to receive for your financial losses as well as for your pain and suffering. Even if an insurance company offers to write you a check, it can help to have a lawyer review the proposed settlement. Insurance companies are notorious for making low settlement offers to unrepresented individuals. An attorney should be able to identify and preserve evidence about the Premise Liability  to negotiate with the insurance company, to identify any additional people beyond the Property owner who may also be liable for damages, and to take any additional steps necessary to obtain a fair outcome.

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