Public Transportation

Protecting victims injured by buses, trains, and airplanes

The attorneys at Forrest B. Johnson & Associates two conveniently located offices in Atlanta, Georgia as well as Macon, Georgia have been protecting the rights and advocating the interests of victims injured in all types of public transportation accidents for more than 35 years, including—

  • Bus accidents
  • Train (railroad) accidents
  • Airplane accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents

Public transportation accidents tend to cause severe, sometimes fatal injuries.  If you have been hurt in this type of accident, know that—

  • Each type of transportation is regulated by multiple state and federal agencies.  This means it is complicated to find out if the transportation agency or company acted improperly and is liable for your losses.
  • Each is also governed by specific rules.  These include such things as how long you have to file a claim, limitations on the amount the operator has to pay—especially if multiple people were injured—and other factors.

Hiring a lawyer is critical

The bottom line is if you have been in a public transportation accident, call Forrest B. Johnson & Associates.  The laws are complex, forms and processes can be overwhelming, and the emotional and financial stress may seem almost unbearable, but we can make getting answers about your accident related concerns easy.

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