Slip and Fall Accidents


For over twenty five years Forrest B. Johnson & Associates has represented individuals who have been victims of slip and fall accidents. Most commonly, slip and fall injuries result from the negligence of landowners, whether private or commercial, and the dangerous conditions which may exist on public or private property that the landowner has failed to make safe.

In general terms, “slip and fall” accidents refer to situations where a person is injured by slipping, or tripping, and falling due to a dangerous condition on the premises. Such falls can happen inside or outside a building, and be caused by such conditions as bad flooring, wet floors, poorly lighted steps, or, in the case of outdoor accidents, weather-related or hidden hazards. An icy patch outside a door or a crack or pothole can be the cause of a slip and fall in a parking lot, for instance.

All slip and fall accidents are covered by negligence law and deal with the concept of premises liability. Property owners have a “duty of care” to see that their property is safe. This includes insuring that the building has no structural defects that could cause an accident, both inside and out. Structural defects can include: loose floor mats, rugs, or tiles; water on the floor; badly lit stairs or steps; cracks or holes in sidewalks or parking lots. Weather-related hazards may include standing water and icy spots. A plaintiff or claimant also has a duty to exercise reasonable care, so if any action of yours contributed to the accident, you may share in the negligence.

It is crucial on slip and fall cases that your attorney commence investigation as soon as possible. Photographs and measurements of the accident site need to be taken immediately. Hiring a safety engineer to examine the site and determine whether any code violations exist is crucial. Often times, the landowner will change the condition which caused the fall and claim that it did not exist. Again, a speedy investigation is crucial in prevailing on a slip and fall case. Your attorney will also need to find out whether other people have had falls at this location which would prove that the landowner had notice of the condition.

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