Bike Accidents

Biking is the preferred form of transportation and recreation for thousands of Georgia State residents. Bicycles are considered vehicles with the same rights and responsibilities as motorists. Unfortunately, cyclists are much lighter and less visible than other vehicles, making them especially vulnerable and at risk for serious injuries in an auto accident. A bike accident typically results from a motorist’s inattention. 

So it is important to note that a motorist may be liable for a bicyclist’s injuries even if there is no physical contact between the bicyclist and 

the motor vehicle. If a bicyclist is injured while taking evasive action to avoid a crash, the motorist can be held responsible for negligently causing the bicycle accident.

 Sometimes, bicycle crashes are caused when a part fails on a bike. The manufacturer of the defective part can be held accountable in a product liability action.  A bike retailer may be held liable for a bike accident if they negligently assemble a bike and a crash results.

 Determining who is at fault in a bicycle accident can be complicated. Understanding the applicable laws and knowing how to gather the right information is critical in establishing a liability claim. 

As a bike accident victim, don’t negotiate with insurance companies whose goal is to pay as little as possible. Accident attorneys at Forrest B. Johnson & Associates will protect your rights. 

We understand bicycle traffic laws, the property value of bicycles, the value of lost riding time, and the physical, emotional, and financial costs of your injuries.We have full knowledge of the laws and court cases which entitle you to compensation for your personal injuries.