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Nursing Home Abuse - Forrest B. Johnson



Nursing homes promise to take care of the elderly and vulnerable adults they shelter. But we all know that care could simply meeting providing shelter and that is all! Georgia & Florida Nursing Home laws reflect that fact and specifically addresses what kind of care patients and residents need to receive, how much nursing care they should receive daily, and much more. In exchange for taking on this "duty to provide care, the U.S. nursing home industry takes money from families, individuals, the federal Medicare and Medicaid programs, and others to the tune of billions and billions of dollars in profit each year.

Meanwhile, thousands of the people they've promised to protect and care for are abused, seriously injured or die unexpectedly under their watch every year.

 If you suspect that nursing home abuse is happening to someone you love, there are things you can do to put a stop to it. One of the most important things is to talk with an experienced lawyer.

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