Bus Accidents

In Atlanta, Dekalb County and our surrounding Georgia regions, and just like in the rest
of the country, the leading cause of accidental death is traffic accidents.

These accidents are caused by high speed driving, distracted drivers using cell phones or texting, drivers who are under the influence of alcohol
or drugs or drivers who are simply not paying attention. These accidents have a devastating impact on the lives of the individuals who survive.

At Forrest B. Johnson & Associates, we have represented individuals who have suffered paralysis, debilitating brain injuries, severe spinal injury and other harm from such accidents,
as well as clients who have lost family members
in wrongful death stemming from bus accidents.

Automobile insurance companies often deny coverage for necessary medical procedures
and deny benefits that were paid for with the policy. The delay in receiving medical treatment results in worsening disability and jeopardizes
a person’s recovery, including the ability to return
to work. Catastrophic injuries can bring a heavy financial burden.  Clients should not have to deal with fighting an insurance company on top of having to deal with the medical bills,  time out of work and physical limitations the accident has caused.

At the law firm of Forrest B. Johnson and Associates, our goal is to allow our clients to focus on simply getting better.